• Dream Lipo

    Get rid of those stubborn unwanted fat pockets

    • Safe
    • Minimal pain
    • Effective in removing a lot of fat
    • One session only
    • Immediate results






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    Dr. Simoni is regularly featured in the national and international media for his surgical expertise and innovations.

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  • Dr. Payman Simoni , Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Simoni is among the most respected Beverly Hills surgeons. has combined two of the most advanced current technologies to his wide awake liposuction procedures to introduce Dream LipoTM.


What is Dream LipoTM?

Dream Lipo TM is a unique minimally invasive liposuction which was introduced by Dr. Simoni to deliver outstanding results for restoring the face contouring and body contour of arcs and convexity to creating balance and beauty.  Dr Payman Simoni has combined two of the most advanced current technologies to his wide awake liposuction procedures to introduce Dream LipoTM.

  1. VASER Liposelection uses third generation ultrasound to break up the fat and create more effective fat removal with smoother result
  2. Tumescent liposuction (wide awake liposuction) to remove the fat
Patient Stories

I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that your office demonstrated through out this whole process. I researched doctors for two years because I was so concerned about what might go wrong. I interviewed several doctors and I was immediately impressed with your office. Unlike other doctors, you took a very […]

- MB 1/28/14

I haven’t been in for pix at 6 mos. post-treatment, but I love, love the work that the good Dr. performed–I look like me again! Many thanks to Dr. Simoni and all of the staff : )

- Lesley A. M. 8/16/12

To Dr. Simoni and Staff, I would just like to thank you for making my procedure as pleasant as possible. It’s because of your kindness, willingness to answer my questions, and your professionalism That I was able to have such a calm, relaxed, comfortable, and confident experience! Many thanks! Sincerely, Jennifer C. 7/31/12

- Jennifer C. 7/31/12

I absolutely love my new nose! I haven’t had any pain or felt any discomfort at all. Almost all the swelling is gone. I would like to thank Dr. Simoni and the staff so much for the good care I received at the clinic and for the beautiful result! I’m so happy! 🙂 🙂 I […]

- H.F. 9/24/11

Words can not describe how happy and grateful I am to have met you. I didn’t think I was going to have straight nose again-and you made it possible! The results were beyond my my expectations. Because of you, my confidence was restored and I don’t feel like I have to hide anymore. You are […]

- A.T. 8/12/11


Before & After Photo Gallery

What can you expect when you choose Dr. Simoni for your Liposuction procedure? Visit our Liposuction Before and After Photo Gallery and see for yourself. Visit the Gallery


How Dreamlipo Is Superior to Other Techniques?

In Dr Simoni technique, there is no need for any major anesthesia. TDreamlipo is done just using local anesthesia. Sometimes the liposuction is done while the person is standing. That is a true liposculpture. Compared to traditional liposuction techniques: 1- Not painful. 2-No cutting or suturing 3- No unsightly scars. 4- Less downtime 5-fewer complications. 6-Quicker recovery (2 days)



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