The Non-Surgical Way to Remove Stubborn Fat

CoolShape is the newest non-surgical and natural way to quickly lose the unwanted bumps and bulges of fat. Coolshape is virtually painless without needles, surgery or downtime.  You can go about your day right after. Results are typically noticeable in just a month with maximum results in 3 months.

FDA has approved fat freezing through CoolSculpting®.   Fat freezing cools fat cells which are destroyed and naturally eliminated through the body’s system. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results are long-lasting.

How does Fat freeze Technology Works

We are born with certain number of fat cells. So when you put on weight your fat cells are just getting bigger. This means that once destroyed by freezing or liposuction, the fat cells do not re-grow.  Cryolipolysis is a new technology that is completely non-invasive and successfully helps you remove fat cells such as love handles, post-pregnancy pouch, muffin tops, upper arms and inner thighs. Coolshape treatment is precisely controlled cooling to destroy fat by a process called lipofreeze. The dead fat cells are then naturally absorbed and removed by the body without injury to the skin or other tissue. A single one hour treatment can achieve between 20-30% fat reduction. Results are noticeable from 3 weeks onward with the most dramatic results at four months.

What to expect immediately after the CoolShape

You may resume normal activities right after your procedure.  The treated area may look or feel stiff immediately after the procedure. This is normal and disappears within few hours.  The treated area will be somewhat red for approximately an hour after treatment.  You may experience some bruising and tenderness to the touch, which typically resolves within the first 3 weeks.  You may feel a temporary numbness in the treated area. This is normal and will start to improve within a few hours, but may take up to 8 weeks to disappear.




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