Factors that determine the cost of plastic surgery

The costs of cosmetic surgery vary greatly. They depend of the type of procedure and often your geographic location. The expertise of the plastic surgeon is one of the most important factor. The more experienced the surgeon is, the more expensive his services are.

The cost of plastic surgery usually comprise the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, operating room fee and implant fee (if applicable).

Cheap Plastic Surgery vs. Expensive Plastic Surgery: Consider the Differences

Everybody wants to save money. However, that should not the case with cosmetic plastic surgery. In Reality, when you expect a highly successful plastic surgery outcome, you need to consult a competent plastic surgeon. And obviously a skilled surgeon charges more.

Inexpensive surgery may be a red flag for an unsafe and sub-standard operation. Inexpensive cosmetic surgeons may give shoddy results by trying to take shortcuts to save on cost, thereby compromising safety protocols. And when safety measures are taken for granted, risks and complications are bound to take place. This is where cheap plastic surgery becomes very expensive since you could be subjected to a series of corrective surgeries in order to rectify the errors of the previous operation.

It is then imperative that patients make sure they are getting the right plastic surgeon to perform the operation; whatever the actual surgery cost may be. The success or failure of the entire procedures relies heavily on this decision.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Financing & Loans

Simoni Plastic Surgery happy to offer a variety of financing options with competitive rates, upon approved credit, through Carecredit.

  • No interest for cosmetic procedures: 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Fixed interest for up to 60 months

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